Surprises girls enjoy

I want to mention that I’m not saying that every girl is equal or sth similar.

I just want to provide you ideas and I’m open for other suggestions.

  • self made gifts
    • flowers made of paper
    • plant pot decorated with mosaic
    • a little meal
    • bag with little notes (she can pull one everyday, and you have to do it (clean                                          the plates, etc..))
    • pot filled with notes, each saying sth you love about her (can be a small pot 😀 )
    • pick nick

If you “fail” to do something self-made, offer it to her anyway. Personally, I find it even cuter when my boyfriend tries to make something and fails at it. It looks more personal and showes effort.

  • low budget gifts
    • teddy bear
    • sweet cup (if she enjoys drinking tea / coffee)
    • partner gifts (fitting key chains)
    • maybe a plant for the self-decorated plant pot? 😀


  • Gifts both of you benefit from (more expensive)
    • an aquarium
    • print your favourite couple picture and get a picture frame
    • fitting chain (hearth chain)


Feel free to provide us new ideas and I’d enjoy to get some suggestions about gifts you can offer to boys.

Have a nice day.


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